VoiceToText - your personal secretary-typist

This program will free your hands and give relief to your eyes. It can be your personal secretary-typist.
The program listens your speech and types the text in place where you have the cursor.

But these features of the program is not limited. The program allows you "on fly" to translate your speech to any other language, including doing voice translation (auto "dubbing") or recite your original speech, but via different voice (re-voicing) - just fun :), though see. Note below.

By your voice commands the program can also:

These all are just EXAMPLES!
The program implements common functionality, a tool that allows for qualified user (and even better a programmer) to create such things. Well, or, of course, you can always contact me - in this case I can quickly create the required functions for you.
It is important that to add such extensions, it doesn't need to release a new version of the program, all these functions are described in text files external to the program.

The program is designed in such a way that the user doesn't need to touch either the mouse or the keyboard - everything is done to the maximum through voice commands.

And if you have a wireless headset, you can even not look at the screen, walking around the apartment/office, doing any business and dictating your thoughts. It's like a dictaphone but it fixes your voice directly into a text, which, agree, is much more convenient (for later cursory viewing, searching, editing in the target document ...).

In this mode, re-voicing can be really useful - it will give you control how accurately the program recognizes your speech (and if there is an error, you can always rollback the right amount of words by the voice command). Besides, listen to what you say is very useful - a well-known from psychology reception of feedback, which is good for more consciousness, rethinking (if you are speaking a nonsense :))...

For example, my bluetooth headset for mobile phone works great with VoiceToText on my laptop (connected without any drivers on win10). Only through the walls begins to fail, but here, if you approach the serious, you obviously need a more powerful bluetooth usb adapter (there are such).

Unfortunately, in present time there is only very old video on Russian with an illustration of the basic function.
Attention! The video is very outdated (since version
Description of the new features you can read on the download page.
(but if you going to watch the video, I recommend set at least 1.5 (or 2.0) playback speed in options of youtube player)

  • The program runs on Window 7 and higher.
    Theoretically, should runs also on Window XP (SP3), but I did not check (and while there were no clients on XP).

  • Speech recognition works when the Internet is on (using google-services).
    Requirements for Internet speed are the lowest (for modern speeds, the additional load will be almost within the statistical error).

  • There is ones more a preliminary requirement, which most likely already is done:
    In your system must be installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or higher).
    If you suddenly are not in the subject, then I'll explain (and if in the subject, then sorry, but just in case I am obliged to be bore): Your system already has this package installed in one version or another (version 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, ..., 4.5 ...), because this is part of the Windows operating system. The program requires version 4.0 (or higher).

    It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website:
    (~ 48 Mb)

How to purchase?

At the moment, an online store with a payment system is under construction.
But you can purchase the program by contacting us by email:
Price:   8 € or $8 (or 500 rub.)

You can use the following ways:

All fees for transfer/exchange is ready to take over, if it is important for you.

It is not necessary send to me any payment documents - just after payment, please notify via email what payment system you have used and in what approximately time. In most payment systems, you can add a comment to a payment, and if you want, you can add your "code word", which then specify in the email. In any case, I give guarantee that all ambiguities will be resolved in your favor and you get your program.

Before making a purchase decision, please note on "System requirements"

And if you have any questions, doubts, I am ready to answer questions, and dispel doubts :)
No bureaucracy - if need (including as an aid in studying after the purchase), I am available on Skype, only need to agree about convenient time of communication.